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Sweetwater Studio
A short preview of our Creations

Sweetwater Studio produces a wide variety of
jewelry items. Necklaces, earrings, pins, hairpieces,
belts, rings for the fingers and toes, cuff links,
belly chains, bracelets and arm bands, anklets,
pierced and nonpierced body jewelry, pendants
on chains, strandsof beads and pearls, any
form of adornment you can imagine.  We enjoy
the challenge of producing custom
pieces commissioned by our clients.  Your inquires
are encouraged. There are no rules of design or
limits to the human imagination.

We incorporate precious and semiprecious gems
and metals in our works of wearable art. All work
is created with the passion and spirit of an artful
existence combined with a uncompromised
attitude towards quality craftsmanship.

We are constantly creating new and exciting
works of wearable art. Innovation in design
and inventive uses of materials are basic funamentals
of our creative process. You can be assurred that
there will always be something extraordinary to
view on our site as time passes.

We thank you for your interest and support of our endeavors. In the final analysis, your acquisition
and use of one of our creations is the ultimate
testimony to our success. Please feel free to contact
us by email for more information regarding a
purchase or the construction of a special order piece.

Purchasing work from Sweetwater
Use the email link to inquire about the availability
and price of a particular piece of work you are
interested in.  We will respond as soon as possible.
Prices range from under $100.00 to several thousand depending on the design and material used
in the creation.  All  work is absolutely guaranteed
to your satisfaction!
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