Larry Wahrenbrock Has created hand-crafted items for over 25 years.  Working in leather, antler, horn, stone, ivory, wood, ferrous and non ferrous metals, he particularly enjoys mixing materials to achieve innovative designs.

        Relying on the natural world for inspiration, he believes the most phenomenal combinations of shapes, colors, and textures are to be found there,   the trick is to see them".  Larry enjoys designing and executing thematic groups of items which form an identifiable series.

        He received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nevada Reno.  He has traveled in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, visiting museums and researching arts and crafts.  Larry believes an understanding of cultural context provides insight in to design.  A solid foundation in the history of arts and crafts is essential.  He looks to the classics for basic techniques and inspiration; but firmly believes there are no limits to human innovation and imagination. 

"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and entusiastically act upon, will inevitably come to pass."

        Strongly believing in the responsibility of the artist to pass his knowledge and skills to the next generation, Larry has recently remodeled his studio to accommodate students.  Individuals may participate in beginning as well as advanced apprenticeships.
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